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Gunther Holtorf in Vietnam » Travel+



Gunther Holtorf in Vietnam

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© Dave Lemke

 Gunther Holtorf is one of the world’s greatest intrepid explorers. He and his late wife left Germany in 1989 in a Mercedes G class wagon, and up to this date, have driven in over 200 countries and over 850,000km. The car, Otto, has had no breakdowns, Gunther has no sponsorship, and until David met him while shooting a corporate Mercedes event, the world did not really know who he was. 

 Both David and Gunther became close friends, and David accompanied him for a few short days in Vietnam, documenting the experience. Gunther also gave David permission to begin to publish articles on Gunther’s amazing 24year journey. The most widely praised of all these news stories was the first, a 5 minute audio documentary on the BBC.  In one day it received over 1.2million, and for the week, was the most shared story across the entire BBC. This also happened to be the week the Olympics launched in London.