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Travel+ @ Triip.me meetup

Oct 9th saw the first social networking event hosted by Triip.me, one of the most exciting startups in Asia’s tourism industry.

Dave was asked to be their first guest speaker and gave a talk on being a travel photographer. We would like to thank Triip.me for the honour and experience.  It was a great night.

Below are some excerpts of his speech:


“Other than gaining incredible life experience from my 2 year trip through Europe, I had an unexpected consequence occur. Now, ever since I was 12 I had a camera in my hands – not very good ones mind you, just small point and click film cameras. I was given a canon Elph before I left to Europe and over those 2 years I must have taken 100+ rolls of film.  Having that small camera was incredible. I could have lost everything I had with me, but as long as I had that camera, all would have been fine. When you travel and choose to walk around with a camera in your hands – the world slows down. You begin to see your surroundings as if you are looking through a viewfinder. The process of traveling allows you to feel and experience your surroundings in a much more tactile manner.  Because it’s new, you are more likely to pick up the small nuances that are happening all around you, all the time.”

“I am not going to tell you how sensitive I am or how I make the mundane interesting – these are clichés better left to others – but I do know what its like to get in a zone.  And when you are in this mind frame, you DO see things differently. When travelling, being able to enter this mind frame is much easier.  What is new is inspiring. To travel, I learned early on in life, means to adapt and have your worldview changed, whether you like it or not.  Your eyes change – you see things differently. For those who catch the bug, they hopefully can use their experiences to become better people. It further fuels the urge to see more, to grow more. Photographers are drawn to capture the world – we are drawn to travel. So just as having new eyes leads one to discover new things, so to does travel change the way a photographer takes photos.  Those inspiring images that adorn our computer screensavers? Someone took them.


Travel is like the small accelerator button that leapfrogs one’s growth as a person.  Travel challenges our social preconceptions, knocks them down and asks us to rebuild them. In this sense I believe Travel is fundamental in becoming a well-rounded person. However, it does have one serious drawback, and that is, it is extremely addictive.


The love of photography and travel has led me many places, and it is the inspiration behind my latest startup Travel+. At Travel+, we cater to tourists, both corporate, individuals and groups coming to Asia. The client hires us for a day or a week, it’s up to them, and we go with them and shoot their journey of a lifetime.  Essentially, we are like a personal photographer service.  And our clients can expect images that can easily be in magazines. Myself  and my partners, have worked for some of the most prestigious news outlets, travel magazines and tour companies in the world. ”

photos by Dave Lemke and Fred Wissink_DSC0002 _DSC0006 _DSC0025 DSC_7548 DSC_7552

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